Mazda ABI

Fluid-Film Corrosion Protection

At Mazda ABI, we use corrosion protection materials from Hodt Korrosionsschutz GmbH, such as Fluid-Film, Perma-Film, and Multi-Film for corrosion protection.

Fluid-Film materials are made from lanolin (wool wax), forming a soft active layer on the metal surface, providing long-term corrosion protection. Since Fluid-Film is solvent-free, it is one of the most eco-friendly corrosion protection agents in the world.

Thanks to its excellent absorption and creeping capabilities, it not only protects but also stops existing corrosion, penetrating through rust to the metal surface. Fluid-Film materials come in different viscosities depending on their application. These materials are solvent-free, do not dry out, and thus protect against corrosion as long as they remain on the surface. Fluid-Film corrosion protection materials are used in many industries including shipping, automotive, agriculture, aviation, and others.

Features of Fluid-Film Materials

  • Stops the corrosion process for up to 10 years
  • Prevents new rust formation
  • Repels oxygen and moisture from the surface
  • Lubricates moving parts
  • Protects threaded joints from rusting
  • Extends the life of the car
  • Does not damage seals
  • Proven technology – over 100 years of experience

Corrosion Protection Process

Removal of mudguards, underbody plastics, and covers of technological openings on the car.

The car’s underside, wheel arches, and engine compartment are washed with a high-pressure washer. In addition to dirt and mud, loose rust is also removed during the washing process.

Allow the car to dry. Once the major water has dripped off the car, start applying the corrosion protection agents.

Firstly, FluidFilm Liquid A is used. This product has the highest and fastest penetration ability, ensuring the expulsion of water and oxygen from both the metal surface and the weld joints. This material is used to treat the car’s inner cavities – sills, reinforcement beams, axle beams, gaps between rear wheel arches.

Next, Fluid-Film Liquid AR is used. This product is a thick grease-like material that is heated to 45°C for application. It is used as a second layer on top of Fluid-Film Liquid A, ensuring a long-lasting and permanent protective layer.

The third material applied is Fluid-Film NAS, which is used to cover the entire car’s underside, including the axles and control arms, as well as the inner surfaces of all doors, the hatch, and the hood.

The fourth layer is Perma-Film, which is applied a second time to the car’s underside. This material protects the treated surface from water, salt, and sand, creating a protective layer on top of the active Fluid-Film layer.

Once all the corrosion protection materials are applied, the car’s mudguards and underbody plastics can be put back. We also recommend replacing the rear wheel arch textile mudguards with high-quality plastic mudguards made by a Finnish company. Plastic mudguards do not absorb moisture and mud does not stick to them. They also protect the edge of the wing from stone impacts.

The materials used in the Fluid-Film corrosion protection process are made from lanolin (wool wax). They are environmentally friendly and safe for both people and nature.